Wednesday, May 3, 2017

OPI Just Lanai-ing Around for Perfect Soft Summer Nails

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Hello beautiful readers! First off, I must apologize for my extremely long absence on this blog. I have no excuse, I just lost motivation but I am back and hope to be posting regularly.

This post is aimed primarily at Soft Summers, or anyone who looks and feels their best in cool-to-neutral muted shades.

OPI is a popular, well-known nail polish brand. It boasts a wide range of colors and is pretty consistent in its quality. Two coats sandwiched between your base coat and top coat will generally do the trick.

Once in a while, I run across a nail polish shade that is so perfectly Soft Summer, I can actually use my nails as a "fan" when I shop. OPI's Just Lanai-ing Around is one of those shades. It's that perfect muted pinky-purply mauve shade I'm always looking for in my blush, lipstick, clothing, and accessories. I have quite a few tops nearing this shade and I'd love to find a purse this color! Just Lanai-ing Around is pretty close to 6.4 on the classic Soft Summer 12tone fan.

Just Lanai-ing Around has a nice formula; not too thick nor too thin. My brush was a little wonky, with one hair sticking straight up. Otherwise, it's a typical OPI brush which is nicely shaped for a quick and easy manicure. It dried quickly with my quick-dry topcoat and drops. Unfortunately, I'm already seeing some tip wear on day 3, though no chips yet. I am using a nail hardening base coat and a quick drying top coat; I'm not sure those are the best for nail color longevity. On day 4, I was able to patch up the tips a bit and I slapped on another top coat to eek a couple more days out of my mani. At any rate, the color is so gorgeous and goes with my coloring and my whole wardrobe perfectly. The color is just ... yummy.

It's not a new color, so you may be able to find it at a discount store near you. I found mine at a Tuesday Morning. You can find OPI Just Lanai-ing Around on Amazon here:

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